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Dia Plus White Pads for Engineered Stone, Quartz, and Light Marbles

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Dia Plus White Polishing Pads for wet polishing all types of stone but designed for quartz, engineered stone, and marble - 4 and 5 Inch

Dia Plus Wet Pad for Engineered Stone is used to leave a high quality polish on quartz, silestone, ceasar, and other man-made stone or engineered stone. The diamond polishing disc can be used to polish counters and floors. These diamond pads are specially designed for engineered stone- engineered stone is 93% quartz and 7% poly resin. The stone polishing pad is hard and abrasive so it is notorious for wearing out polishing pads way too fast! Dia Plus Engineered Stone pads are designed to give you long life and a perfect finish. They are so good that they are specifically geared toward Ceasar Stone, and are recommended by us when it comes to polishing Ceasar Stone , and other engineered stonesl! These are hook and loop backed and designed for use on any wet polisher. If you work with engineered stone and want to match the finish these are the pads we recommend for you. Great product and Great price! Just what you have come to expect from The Diamond Tool Store!

Diaplus also makes white pads for engineered stone such as quartz in two separate 3 step options. Poseidon 3 Step Premium Pads for Quartz and Diaplus Cosmo 3 Step Pads are both wet/dry options for polishing engineered stone.


  • Great polish for quartz, engineered stone, marble
  • High grade diamonds used to maximize performance
  • No residue just excellent finish
  • Flexible and Strong


Item# Size Grit Max RPM
DPES40050 4" 50 4000
DPES40100 4" 100 4000
DPES40200 4" 200 4000
DPES40050 4" 400 4000
DPES40800 4" 800 4000
DPES41500 4" 1,500 4000
DPES43000 4" 3,000 4000
DPES4Set 4" 50-3,000 4000
DPES50050 5" 50 4000
DPES50100 5" 100 4000
DPES50200 5" 200 4000
DPES50400 5" 400 4000
DPES50800 5" 800 4000
DPES51500 5" 1,500 4000
DPES53000 5" 3,000 4000
DPES5Set 5" 50-3,000 4000
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