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Dia plus 3 Step Concrete Pads

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Diaplus Concrete Polishing Pads

Traditional Concrete Polishing pads are designed for 7 step polishing. The Diaplus 3 step concrete polishing pads break the mold by cutting the steps in half. They leave an amazing polish in half the steps and time.
Step 1- Designed to follow #2 Vacuumed Brazed Trapezoid. Mix of grits that follow previous scratch pattern of approximately 120g
Step 2- Designed to follow Step #1. Mix of grits leaving polish of 400g standard resin
Step 3- Designed to follow Step #2. Mix of grits leaving a natural polished finsh of approximately 800g
Step 4- An optional 4th step reformulated to give those customers that higher shine!
Buff- An optional 5th and final step to give those customers that lasting glossy look!
Use our DIAPLUS Concrete Polishing Pads after trying our 2 Step Vacuum Brazed Trapezoids!
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