TM PADLOC Wearparts To Suit A6, A8, & RC4 Auger Bits¹

Our extensive range of auger bit wearparts are designed to suit most auger bits, for varying ground conditions. Digga Wearparts are cast to the highest quality and utilize premium grade tungsten carbides to ensure maximum wear life. Fitted with Digga's advanced TRULOC or PADLOC tooth locking systems, your drilling auger bits have never been so easy to maintain.

Augers A4 RC4 A6 RC6 DR6 A8 RC8 RC10 RC11
Wearparts to Suit TS TT TM TT DP TM DP TT TT

The PADLOC tooth locking system design houses bonded friction pads (already fitted to your drilling teeth). This ensures the teeth are locked in tight.

  • 1 Step tooth replacement process - Knock in, knock out
  • Fits most types of pockets and wearparts
  • No special tools required
PADLOC Bladed Teeth To Suit A6 / A8 Auger Bits
Earth - A6 Multifaced Tungsten Teeth - A6 & A8 Pilot - A6, A8, & RC4
TM-1 TM-C-1 TM-3 Pocket TM-H TM-C-3 Pocket TM-H PM-HX-3 Socket D627
(¹) Light to moderate ground conditions such as loose dirt.

Bladed Teeth To Suit RC4 Auger Bits
Multifaced Tungsten Teeth Pilot
TTS-3 Inner Tooth TTD-3 Outer Tooth PM-HX-3 Socket D627