RC6 auger bits are available with a range of different teeth options to suit most ground conditions including earth, hard soils, shale, clay, and permafrost.

Basically, with the RC6, you get all the benefits of the A6 plus the superior penetrating ability of the B7 taper tooth head. The RC6 comes complete with all purpose taper teeth perfect for combination drilling in all conditions - from earth to medium rock, providing a clean hole every time.

RC6 teeth are easy to install and remove with Digga's ingenious knock in, knock out tooth locking systems which eliminates the need to use extra tools to remove the teeth.

RC6 Auger Bit Specs
Drilling Conditions Combo Rock / Earth
Hub 2.5" Hex
Optional Hub 2" Hex
Overall Length 60"
Pipe 3" - 5.5"
Flights (Lead) 5/16"
Flights (Carry) 5/16"
Teeth TTD / TTS
Pilot PH-3
Max Size 60"
Ideal Drives 4DD-9DD
Optimum Drilling Speeds
Earth 55-65
Clay 45-55
Shale (Fracturable Rock) 25-45
Heavy Rock N/A
Auger Features Double start, single carry flight configuration. Flight pitch is shallow for greater soil retention. Heavy duty body for greater durability in tough conditions