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DLW300ESA1 Diesel-Powered Welder/Generator

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DLW300ESA1 Diesel-Powered Welder/Generator for delivering superior arc characteristics

300 amp Welder, 10.5KW, 120/240V, T4F Kubota

The DLW300ESA1 welder/generator is a CC/CV output unit that delivers superior arc characteristics and consistent welding quality. Rated for 10.5kW, It is the quietest welder/generator in the industry with only 59 dBA at 23 feet. The E-mode feature improves fuel efficiency by allowing the operator to weld at idle up to 160 amps, reducing operating costs and noise levels.

  • Delivers up to 300 amps as a welder with the convenience of 10.5 kW of AC power as a generator
  • Can draw simultaneous AC power while welding
  • Amazing voltage regulation @ 1.5% (+/-)
  • Tier 4 final Kubota diesel - Model D722
  • Arc Force control allows the operator to fine tune DC current during low voltage welding conditions which helps in preventing electrodes from sticking during short arc length welding
  • Smooth arc characteristics and more consistent, quality weld penetration
  • E-mode improves fuel efficiency by allowing one operator to weld up to 160 amps while the engine maintains idle speeds.
  • SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and ACAC welding processes
  • Sound attenuated cabinet reduces noise output to 59 dBA @ 23'
  • External Fluid drains for easy maintenance
  • Full panel GFCI protection - OSHA and NEC compliant
  • Options - Wire remotes, welding cable, cable carriers, tool box, trailers, cold weather items are available for this model.
Unit Specifications
DC Voltage CC: 31 V CV: 32 V
DC Current CC: 300 A CV: 300 A
Current Range 35-300 A
Max Duty Cycle
w/ Full Amps Available
100% @280 A
Welding Processes SMAW
Fuel Tank Capacity 9.5 gal 36 L
Fuel Consumption
at Rated Load
0.66 gph

Generator Specifications
AC Power Output
(Single Phase)
10.5 kW
Cycle 50/60 Hz
Voltage 120/240 V
Amperage 87/44 A
Voltage Regulation 1.5 %
Receptacles NEMA 5-20R 125V GFCI 20A
NEMA L5-30R 125V Twist-Lock 30A
NEMA L6-30R 250V Twist-Lock 30A
CS-6369 125/250VAC Twist-Lock 50A
**Optional TRLRMPXF has a built in 28 gal. fuel cell
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 50.8 in 1290 mm
Overall Width 26.77 in 680 mm
Overall Height 33.07 in 840 mm
Shipping Dimensions 50.78 x 26.77 x 33.07 in
1290 x 680 x 840 mm
Operating Weight 941 lb 427 kg
Shipping Weight 848 lb 385 kg

Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.