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DW Style Grinding Wheels for Natural and Eng.Stone

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DW Style Grinding Wheels

Alpha® DW Style is an aggressive grinding wheel specially formulated to grind and shape natural stone products. They perform exceptionally well on most granites and harder materials. Alpha® DW Style can be used on most popular angle grinders. They are the ideal grinding wheels to profile edges, smooth out inside sinkhole cuts, smooth rough surfaces, prepare surfaces for lamination, and simple heavy material removal. Alpha® DW Style is well known for its excellent performance on red granites, which are among the hardest granites available today. Fabricators love its aggressiveness and endurance. Stone workers will appreciate how fast they can shape normally difficult areas with ease, in very little time. Tile installers will find these wheels are the best for profiling granite edges. Designed for either wet or dry use, Alpha® DW Style grinding wheels are versatile and long lasting. The turbo design provides fast stock removal thus saving time and reducing operator fatigue. They are the premium choice for any grinding, shaping or beveling work. Adapters for non-threaded wheels are available in common thread sizes for most angle grinders and polishing tools.

  • Aggressive Grinding Wheel Specially Formulated for Natural Stone Products
  • Performs Exceptionally Well On Most Granites and Harder Materials
  • Turbo Design Provides Fast Stock Removal
  • Premium Choice for Any Grinding, Shaping or Beveling Work
  • Fabricators Love Its Aggressiveness and Endurance
  • Available in 4" and 6" Diameters
  • Coarse and Medium Grits Available
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry

Part No. Size Maximum RPM Arbor(s) Grit
DW4C11 4" 14,500 5/8" -11 Threaded Coarse
DW4M11 4" 14,500 5/8" -11 Threaded Medium
DW6C11 6" 10,100 5/8" -11 Threaded Coarse
DW6M11 6" 10,100 5/8" -11 Threaded Medium