An Electric powered rough terrain pallet truck is perfect for quick operation. Great for moving heavy loads over uneven landscapes.

Raise and lower loads with a push of a button. Large wheels allow for movement over most surfaces. Maneuver loads in warehouses, construction sites, gravel pits and nurseries. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Truck is designed to work on smooth and gravel surfaces. Ergonomic handle features easy to operate throttle with infinite adjustment of forward and reverse speeds, lift/lower controls, emergency reverse-function and horn. Truck rolls smoothly on Front (16") and Rear (11-13/16") rubber tires. The rough terrain truck operates through DC power, while the drive motor utilizes AC drive technology. The unit comes equipped with 2x12V batteries, integral battery charger, and battery level indicator.

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All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.

Electric Powered Rough Terrain Pallet Jacks
Model Image PDFs Fork
Overall Size
Usable Width Uniform
Net Wt.
RT-EPT-3-48 Warranty PDF 4"x42" 2-1/8" to 13" 62"x68"x49" 48" 3,000 1,376
RT-EPT-3-24 Warranty PDF 4"x42" 2-1/8" to 13" 37"x68"x49" 24" 3,000 1,115

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