The EX-40 Excavator Flail Mower is a robust and versatile land clearing solution designed to tackle grass, brush, and larger materials up to 4-5 inches in diameter with ease.

The Flail Mower or Brush Cutter is offered in other sizes as well including the EX30,  EX30M, and the 36 Sidewinder.

The Eterra line of EX Flail Mowers are compatible with most models of excavator machines and provide a wider range of cutting options. This style of mower produces a clean, finished cutting area with smaller debris than a rotary mower - meaning less cleanup, and more time operating. The EX line is designed and manufactured in the USA, with a focus on accurate GPM pairing to get the most power your machine has to offer.


The EX-40 Brush Mower features 20 2.25 lb Y-Knife flail blades powered by a Permco gear drive motor. The precision electronically balanced blade carrier, rubber vibration dampener, and universal excavator coupler mounting pad make this flail mower ideal for anything from grass to material up to 6".


The EX-40 Brush Mower is powered by a USA Made Permco gear drive motor that drives the electronically balanced blade carrier for smooth and efficient cutting, reaching 1800-2000 RPM.


Constructed from A572 Grade 50 high strength steel in a lightweight design. The formed curved housing design allows for maximum cut capacity with minimal buildup of debris. AR500 skid shoes to protect the frame during ground mowing.


Flow Range: 15-50 GPM
Cutting Capacity: Up to 6";Features: Cut Width=40""
Overall Width: 60";Features: Deck Height=25""
Max Pressure: 3500 PSI
Recommended Material: Hard Brush - Trees - Grass - Brambles
Cutting Capacity : 6";Features: Minimum Cut Height=2""

Design Specs

Weight: 616 lbs.
Housing Material: A572 Grade 50
Drive Shaft Material: Steel-4140 HT (Heat Treat)
Cutter Style: Y-Knife Blades, 2.25 lb
Blade Life Expectancy: 500 hrs, NO ROCKS
Drive Motor: Permco Hydraulic Gear Motor
Cutter Blade Material: Case Hardened Spring Steel
Blade Weigh: 2 lbs
Number of Blades: 20
Optional Thumb Weight: 150 lbs.

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