EXP 750 RX/AT Large Concrete Grinder

Remote-controlled planetary grinding and polishing machine for large surfaces, with variable speed, adjustable working pressure, on board batteries and autopilot system.

Main technical features:

• Adjustable working pressure. • Tempered stainless steel planetary and gear box. Fully geared transmission. • Third wheel for easy transportation and for operations on very large surfaces. • Compact and handy. • Automatic planetary lifting to facilitate loading and unloading procedures from vehicles. • All functions available on remote controls. • On board batteries for machine self displacement. • Utensils free quick attachment system for diamond tools.


• Smoothing and preparation of all types of floors. • Unevenness removal on concrete. • Removal of resins, glues, paints and other residues. • High glossy mirror look polishing of marble and granite. • High glossy mirror look polishing of industrial concrete floors.

Model EXP 750 RX EXP 750 AT
Motor 15 o 20 HP 15 o 20 HP
Drive Inverter 15 kW 15 kW
Volt 380-480 380-480
Hertz 50/60 50/60
Amp 25 25
Tools Speed 300-1300 rpm 300-1300 rpm
Work Diameter 750mm 750mm
Tools Size 3x240mm 3x240mm
Water Tank 46 lt 46 lt
Size LxAxP cm 145x145x80 145x145x80
Weight 413 Kg 413 Kg
Concrete Polishing 7 step 25-30m 2 /h
Concrete Grinding 1 step 100-130m 2 /h
Terrazzo Polishing 5 step 30-40m 2 /h
Resin Removal 1 step 100-150m 2 /h
Paint Removal 1 step 100-150m 2 /h
Marble Polishing 5 step 20-30m 2 /h
Granite Polishing 7 step 9-12m 2 /h

Data may vary depending on surface conditions, tools used, operator convenience, equipment, etc.

Model EXP 750
Volume 3.80 m3
Size 150x145x85 cm
Weight 457 Kg