Designed for storage of long parts. Designed to be placed up against a wall. Order starter rack then extension rack for added width.

Each rack includes three (3) dividers adjustable in 5" increments. Multiple units may be joined in-line or back-to-back. Total uniform capacity is 4,000 pounds when evenly distributed. Welded steel construction with blue painted finish. Ships knock-down, assembly required. Requires two (2) anchor bolts, sold separately.

Expandable Vertical Bar Rack

Model Image Type Overall

Divider Hole Spacing /Quantity

EVR-59-S Starter Rack 53"x 21-3/4"x 59-17/32" 5" / 9 176
EVR-59-EXT Extension Rack 51"x 21-3/4"x 59-17/32" 5" / 9 145
EVR-106-S Starter Rack 53"x 23"x 106-17/32" 5" / 9 202
EVR-106-EXT Extension Rack 51"x 23"x 106-17/32" 5"/ 9 176

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