Combines the advantages of a manual and an electric pallet truck!

An electric pallet truck is the perfect upgrade from the standard manual design. This functional approach minimizes manual labor and maximizes efficiency when moving products and goods. Speed adjustments as well as raising/lowering forks can be modified without the users' hands leaving the functional handle. Unit is powered by a lithium ion battery for continuous consistent use. Forks are powder coated for a baked in added toughness.

Standard Features:

  • Smart design, high performance, and maintenance friendly.
  • Compact body design is even smaller than conventional hand pallet trucks.
  • Multi-function handle with integrated PIN code LCD display, emergency reverse, raise-lower buttons, horn, turtle speed button, and foward-reverse butterfly knobs.
  • LCD display features battery charge indicator, operating hour counter, and on-board diagnostic via error code.
  • Unique auto sensor slows down the truck speed by 50% on sharp turns.
  • Unit can operate when handle is in up position. (UP-RIGHT Driving)
  • Equipped with a maintenance free 24V/20Ah lithium ion battery.
  • Battery pack is interchangeable for continuous usage.
  • Additional battery packs are available.
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Fully Powered Electric Pallet Truck


Image PDF's Uniform
Capacity (lbs)
Overall Size
EPT-2745-33 Warranty PDF 3,300 27"x45" 3-1/8"to 7-5/8" 27"x60-1/4"x49-1/2" 375
EPT-1532-33 Warranty PDF 3,300 15"x32" 3-1/8"to 7-5/8" 21.25"x46.5"x46" 313
EPT-2145-33 Warranty PDF 3,300 21"x45" 3-1/8"to 7-5/8" 21.25"x60.25"x46" 327
EPT-2745-45 Warranty PDF 4,500 27"x45" 3-1/8"to 7-5/8" 27"x60-1/4"x46" 395

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