Reusable Waterproof Tape For Stone Fabrication, Painting, and Contractors.  G-Tape Acrylic Flashing and G-Tape HVAC are also available. 

This tape is waterproof and tears straight and easily by hand. It is highly weather/UV resistant and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +200°F. The ability to reposition it makes it great for quick repairs on all kinds of surfaces. The best part is that, although the adhesion is strong, it does not leave any residue when removed. Use this tape on all your projects with great results!
  • Hand Tearing-Straight and Easy
  • Residue Free Removal
  • Waterproof
  • All-Weather Usage (-40°F to +200°F)
  • Reposition-able
  • Highly Weather/UV Resistant
  • Good Surface Protection
  • Great for Quick Repairs
  • Available as a single roll or Case of 30 pcs.


Part No. Size Type Recommended For Color Description
GT1009GR 2" x 163' Multi-Purpose Tape All Surfaces Green Nichigo G-Tape™ 1009GR
GT1008SW 2" x 163' Extra UV Protection All Surfaces White Nichigo G-Tape™ 1008SW
GT1006TG 2" x 82' Caution Areas All Surfaces Black & Yellow Nichigo G-Tape™ 1006TG