Glass Lifter GL-850 is a compact versatile material lifter with attachments for multi-purpose material handling

The KSF GL Lifter is a compact and versatile material lifter for construction sites and workshops, but is also ideal for vertical and overhead glazing with optional accessories.

The KSF GL Lifter operates via remote control. The standard DC series units include a battery and charger, and the AC series operates from an AC motor.

The quick folding base makes for easy set up for a single operator.

The GL Lifter includes many safety features such as adjustable legs which ensure the unit can be safely set up and leveled, an Anti-fall system on the mast and Auto-Safety kill switch which only is triggered by an operator that attempts to raise the unit beyond its maximum operating height.

Lifting Height - 21 Feet

Basic Height - 7 Feet

Max Load - 660 LBS

Weight - 590 LBS