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Glass Tools Package Sale

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$619.96 - $619.96
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Package Deal for cutting, sanding, and coring glass and glass tiles

Alpha Vetro Blade | Premium Wet Cutting Blade for Glass Tile - 4" and 10"

The Alpha® Vetro Blade is designed for high-speed wet cutting of glass. Equipped with a smooth continuous diamond rim and bond hardness best suited for glass materials to provide cuts with minimal chipping. The Alpha® Vetro is an excellent choice for plunge cutting, trimming near the edges of glass and for cutting an internal radius. The Alpha® Vetro must be used wet and when the 4-3/8" size is used on the AWS-110 Wet Stone Cutter it provides a portable dust-free solution to cutting thick glass. Since the quality of the cut is high, providing straight and true cuts with minimal chipping even near the edges of glass, waste is kept to a minimum creating a cutting solution that is quite cost-effective. The Alpha® Vetro is the ideal blade for the glass contractor looking for a high-speed, portable, long-lasting cutting solution.


  • Wet Use Only
  • Designed for Chip-Free Cutting
  • Tile Installer's Choice for Glass Tile
  • Best Wet Cutting Glass Blade on the Market
  • Chip-Free Cutting on Most Demanding Applications


4"- $31.83

10" - $93.27


Silencer III for Porcelain/Crystallized Glass | Premium Bridge Saw Blade for Porcelain Slab/Crystallized Glass - 16"

Alpha Professional Tools® recognizes the need for a high quality porcelain blade for bridge or table saws and brings this to the marketplace in the form of the Silencer III for Porcelain. The Alpha® Silencer III is a technologically advanced blade that produces excellent cuts while achieving superior cost performance with reduced noise levels. The uniquely designed core is made of two hardened steel sheets with a thin copper sheet laminated between them. This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application. Ideal for use in a variety of different sized shops, porcelain fabricators will love the cutting ability of this blade and the amount of time they'll save. The Alpha® Silencer III is equipped with a 60mm arbor which is a common size. Adapters are available to reduce the arbor size. Specially formulated, the Alpha® Silencer III will provide excellent cost performance and reduce noise levels while maintaining a high quality cut. If you fabricate porcelain, the Alpha® Silencer III is perfect for you. In addition, due to the increased popularity of Crystallized Glass, Alpha Professional Tools® has performed extensive testing and determined that the Silencer III for Porcelain is the perfect blade to cut this material.

  • Specialty Bridge Saw Blade Designed for Porcelain and Crystallized Glass
  • Fast, Chip-Free Cutting
  • Superior Cost Performance with Reduced Noise Levels
  • Uniquely Designed Core Is Made of Two Hardened Steel Sheets with A Thin Copper Sheet Laminated Between Them
  • Equipped with A 60mm Arbor and Comes with A 50mm Adapter
  • Free Re-Tipping Service for Life of The Blade

Retail - $453.12

Mk Core Bits are designed to drill through Porcelain, Tile, Glass, Stone, and Masonry - 1/2"

  • Drill through porcelain, granite, marble, tile, stone, and masonry
  • Vacuum Braze Technology provides the strongest bond between diamond particles and the drilling surface of core bit
  • Drilling Time Reduced by 50% compared with traditional metal-bond core bits
  • No bond to wear away - diamond particles work at peak performance at all times
  • Reverse spiral thread delivers continuous water feed to the cutting surface areas, extends bit life and improves drilling speed
  • Core ejector slot clears debris and plugs during repeated drilling operations
  • Designed to operate on any corded or battery operated hand drill


  • Hollow bore creates a core that guides the drill
  • Diamond grit edge, no bond to wearaway
  • Slotted edge and reverse thread spiral provide more water into the cut for quicker drilling and extended drill life
  • Heavy-duty, single piece construction
  • Core ejection slot allows continuous drilling

Retail - $30

Silicon Carbide Sandpaper - High quality sandpaper for sanding wood, stone, and glass (100 pack)(60,80,120, and 220 grit)

Highest quality silicon carbide sandpaper on the market today for stone at a very affordable price. Our silicone carbide sanding disks are wet or dry sandpaper which is available as peel and stick sandpaper, plain sandpaper, or hook and loop sandpaper. Weather you are grinding natural stone, granite, marble, concrete, wood, or working on auto bodies performing auto bodywork, or sanding down other types of man made material, Diamond Tool Store has the silicone carbide sanding disks to meet your needs.

All of our sand paper come in a multitude of grits from 60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit, 320 grit, 420 grit, 500 grit, 600 grit, and 1000 grit. These only come in 5 inch.

Retail - $30 x 4

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