Floor Machine for Stripping, Scrubbing, Carpet Maintenance

The Hawk Glide delivers up to twice the performance, superior safety and draws 1/3 less amps than traditional floor machines. Our unique "Flang Head" handle carriage design provides 100% contact with the floor and steers the Glide in forward-and- backward movement - unlike the side-to-side movements of traditional rotary machines. Easy to learn. Easy to use.


  • 1.5 HP, 66 frame, dual capacitor AC motor

  • 115V, 60 Hz power, (230V optional)

  • 50 . 14-3 SJT (Glide) or 12-3 SJTOW (Glide XHD) power cord

    with molded plug

    Drive System

  • Glide uses triple-planetary HD 10:1 helical-cut commercial

    gears. Drives brushes and pads at 175 RPM.

  • Glide XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) uses triple-planetary XHD 11:1

    helical-cut industrial gears, case hardened with steel coupler. Drives brushes and pads at 165 RPM.

    Engineered Design

  • Exclusive WDTM Wheels Down detachable handle carriage design produces 100% flat contact with the floor

  • All steel construction with welded frame. Heavy-duty powder coated steel handle with 5-posion pin lock and vinyl grips.

  • 17" and 20" steel brush covers with full wraparound bumper

  • Dual steel operang triggers. Thumb-operated safety switch.

  • 2" x 6" non-marking ball bearing wheels

  • Optional 4 gallon tank - black and natural colors

  • Optional splash guard and dust collection kit

    Safety Features

    Quiet 66 dB operation. Meets GS42 standard. Built with UL approved components

All Models

Motor 1.5 HP, 66 frame dual capacitor AC motor

Power 115V, 60 Hz power, (230V optional)

Power Cord 50 . 14-3 SJT (Glide) or 12-3 SJTOW (Glide XHD)

dB Rang 66 dB - Meets GS42 standard