Granite Cutting Package Deal: 18" Blades, Turbo Blades, Contour Blade

Upgrade your granite cutting capabilities with our comprehensive package:

  • Hercules Diamond Granite Blades - 18" (2 blades): The Dia Plus Hercules Blade simplifies cutting granite, quartzite, and engineered stone. Available in 14", 16", and 18", this blade offers a silent core, 20mm segment height, and premium diamonds for smooth and rapid granite cutting. Expect the fastest and cleanest cuts, reduced noise, and exceptional performance.
  • Diamond Cutting Disc - 5" and 6" (5 Pack): Experience DTS' top-selling Turbo Blade for efficient granite, quartzite, and hard stone cutting. Choose between 5" and 6" sizes. Whether wet or dry, this blade ensures chip-free results, featuring high diamond concentration, cooling holes for extended life, and quality diamonds for superior cutting performance.
  • Dia Plus Contour Blade - 5": Perfect your curved cutting with the Dia Plus Contour Blade. Designed for sink holes and curved lines in granite, marble, and engineered stone. Its aggressive nature, coupled with a long lifespan, guarantees optimal results. Ideal for both small and large angle grinders, this blade is your solution for precision cutting.

Enhance your granite cutting operations with precision, speed, and quality through our unbeatable package.