Hinge & Sliding Tilting Tables

Hinge Tilt Model: EHTT

The Hinge Tilt Table offers the rugged durability of the standard Efficiency Master l of tilters, plus they offer an extra low platform height.Tilting capabilities up to 45 degrees and a 12" lip without side gussets allows for loading and unloading on three sides. Standard platform is 48" wide 47-3/4" long with a 4,000 lb. capacity. Other sizes and capacities are available for this heavy-duty tilt table. The EHTT features a 2 HP 460V AC power unit with a 24 volt two button hand held pendant control, other voltages available. A pressure plated pump coupled to an application specific manifold features counterbalanced valves and modulated flow control for maximum efficiency.

Sliding Tilt Model: EHTT-L

The Sliding Tilt Table has the same features as the hinge tilt table and incorporates a patented sliding link-tilt design for maximum stability while occupying minimum space. As the heavy-duty table is tilted, the front edge of the container moves away from the operator. The center-of-gravity of the load remains closer to the center of the frame minimizing the possibility of the unit tipping. Standard size is 48" wide by 47-3/4" long with a 4,000 lb. capacity. Features include: 8" lowered height, 45 degree tilt and a 12" lip. Three sided access provides quick loading and unloading. Other sizes and capacities are available. The EHTT-L features a 2HP 460V AC power unit with a 24 Volt two button hand held pendant control for tilt functions. A pressure plated pump couples to an application specific manifold feautring counterbalanced valves provide efficient, modulated flow controls.

EHTT - Stationary with four (4) lag down points.

EHTT-L - Base includes 7-1/2" W x 2-1/2" H usable fork pockets on 28" centers for portability.

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Sliding & Hinged Tilt Tables
Model Image PDF's Design Platform
Of Tilt
EHTT icon_approvaldrawings.jpgWarranty PDFCompliance Certificate Hinge 48"x47-3/4" 4,000 10" 45 780
EHTT-L icon_approvaldrawings.jpgWarranty PDFCompliance Certificate Sliding 48"x47-3/4" 4,000 8" 45 812
Three Sided Accordian Skirt Available, Contact Factory

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