HRC 650 SX/RX/AT Remote Controlled Floor Grinder With DCT System DCT

The DCT system allows you to choose to smooth use only using the rotation of the tools (DCT ON mode), or with the classic complete rotation of the planetary (DCT OFF mode).


  • Single-shell chassis, robust and compact for less space.
  • Tempered stainless steel planetary and gear box. Fully geared transmission.
  • 180 ° overturning system for extra weight. The displaced weights increase the grinding pressure. The weights moved back facilitate the tilting operation for tool changes (Optional).
  • Third wheel for easy transportation and for operations on very large surfaces (Optional).
  • All functions available on remote controls.
  • On board batteries for machine self displacement (RX/AT version).
  • Utensils free quick attachment system for diamond tools (RX/AT version).
  • 46 litre water tank.
  • Powerful front and rear LED spotlights (Optional).
  • Noise reduction levitating planetarium.
  • 2 Year Warranty: The GUARANTEE for machines equipped with "hour counter" is up to 2 years or 600 hours of work.

Model HRC 650 RX
Motor 10 HP
Drive Inverter 11 kW
Volt 380-480
Hertz 50/60
Amp 25
Tools Speed 300-1300 rpm
Work Diameter 650mm
Tools Size 3x240mm
Water Tank 46 lt
Size LxAxP cm 120x125x67
Weight 280 Kg
Concrete Polishing 7 step 12-17 m2/h
Concrete Grinding 1 step 50-90 m2/h
Terrazzo Polishing 5 step 11-17 m2/h
Resin Removal 1 step 45-85 m2/h
Paint Removal 1 step 45-85 m2/h
Marble Polishing 5 step 8-13 m2/h
Granite Polishing 7 step 5-8 m2/h

Model HRC 650 SX/RX/AT
Volume 1.31 m3
Size 120x80x136 cm
Weight 320 Kg