Hybrid Pad Holders

The Twister Hybrid pad holder is a velcro style round (double sided) holder that allows the user to connect Hybrid diamonds and the star pad to most any existing floor machine or automatic floor scrubber.

  • Available in sizes from 13" - 21"
  • Designed to fit popular size floor machines and automatic scrubbers.
  • Hook style face (velcro type).
  • Allows attachment of the Hybrid diamonds & star pads.

How To Use the Twister Hybrid System:

  • Best results are achieved using a standard speed floor machine (a weighted machine is beneficial).
  • If used with an automatic floor scrubber it must have adequate down pressure (100-200 lbs. of head pressure) and drive no faster than 1-2 mph.
  • Water is important in order to have the slurry easy to remove with a wet vacuum or a automatic scrubber.
  • Add more water if you see that the slurry is getting too thick.
  • Apply water during the first pass and work in the same water until you change color of the tool, or work with vacuum turned on all the time.
  • Rinse the Hybrid pad between each color.
  • On a smooth surface it can take some time before the tool opens and starts to cut. You can speed this process up by using it on a rougher surface first.