Husqvarna K 4000 Saw with a blade diameter of 14 inches

This electric all-round cutter minimizes the amount of water and slurry. Unlike other electric cutters, the blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently with minimum effort on the operator. K 4000 is easily adaptable for dry cutting for minimal dust generation.

*Vacuum Attachment Sold Separately - Call 1-800-342-3876 for availability

Cutting depth, max - 5 in
Blade diameter, max - 14 in


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Constant-flow water valve

The integrated regulator controls the water volume, ensuring a constant flow to the blade. It also ensures the amount of water is sufficient to bind the dust without creating an excess of water.

Ergonomically designed rear handle

Power cord inlet located underneath the handle enables ease of use and comfortable handling with hassle free operation.

Increased productivity

The new pop-up carbon brushes protects the collector from unforeseen rotor changes which increases reliability and enables longer service intervals.

Easy serviceability

The one-piece inspection lid and Torx screws make it easy to assemble and service.

Simple blade change
Quick acting locks for the spindle and a large outlet in the blade guard simplifies blade replacement.

The blade on all our electric cutters rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently, reducing the risk of pinching and kickbacks.

Generously dimensioned miter gear
Generously dimensioned miter gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels.

Overload protection
Our ElgardTM system protects against overload by varying the rotation speed.

The advanced electronic overload protection varies the rotation speed to warn of approaching overload.

Electronic Softstart™
Provides starting with normal, slow acting fuses.

Adjustment to openings
Cutting for minor adjustments to window and door openings.

Blocks, curbstones and pavers
Cutting building blocks, curbstones and garden pavers.

Cast concrete
Cutting cast concrete.

Deep cutting
Irregular deep cutting.

Floors and walls
Regular cutting in floors and walls.

Cutting grooves for expansion joints and crack repair.

Pipe trenches
Deep cutting in pipe trenches.

Pipe cutting.


Rated input power
2.4 hp
100-120 V
50-60 Hz

Cutting equipment

Cutting depth, max
5 in
Blade diameter, max
14 in
Arbor diameter
1 in
Blade thickness, max
0.22 in
Peripheral speed, max
19690 fpm


Product size width
8.7 in
Product size height
12.3 in
16.8 lbs

Sound and noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)
105 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear
95 dB(A)


Vibrations left/front handle
3.5 m/s²
Vibrations right/rear handle
3.5 m/s²