Husqvarna PP 518 Power Pack

PP 518 is a gas-powered power pack for hydraulic products like our DM 406 H drill motor, K 3600 MK II and K 2500 power cutters.

Hydraulic oil flow - 10 gal/min
Hydraulic pressure, max - 1595 psi

Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its features and benefits.

Smart fuel-saving system
Fuel-saving automatic power-on-demand, adjustable for different equipment and hose lengths. Can be switched off when constant power is desired.

Easy to store and transport
Compact size, large pneumatic tires and convenient folding handle.

Optimum power with precise flow control
Allowing you to get the most performance out of your hydraulic equipment.

Easy doorway passage

Hydraulic hose attachment on front panel gives easy doorway passage.

Adjustable handle
For maximum operator comfort and ease of storage.

Maximum machine life and power
Hydraulic oil is cooled by a large, 15 liter oil reservoir and 23 cm fan to provide maximum machine life and power.

Easy transportation and positioning
Mounted on a heavy-duty single axle trolley.