Hypervak 777 Concrete Vacuum Cleaner ideal for rapid suction of large quantities of fine dust and powders

Professional vacuum cleaner ideal for rapid suction of large quantities of fine dust and powders. Particularly suitable for dry grinding of natural stone, concrete, wood floors and in any job where the extraction of dust is required. The semi-automatic cleaning system (SC), which cleans the filter with vibration and counter-blowing, is simple and effective. It cleans the filters to a new condition with maximum efficiency.
The high performance pre-separator cyclone removes up to 95% of the dust and extends the life of the filter. The LongopacTM system makes dust emptying faster and easier.

The robust structure gives the machine easy handling, high quality and great reliability. It is also easy to maintain to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Also during transport it uses little space as possible, the height of the machine can be adjusted by itself to 135cm. Large wheels and wheels with brakes make traveling far easier.

Model Hypervak 777 SC Hypervak 777 T4 SC
Engine kW 2.2 4
Suction max mm H2O 2300 2750
Volt 220 380/480
Hertz 50/60 50/60
Amp - 16
Surface filtering cm2 32000 32000
Air Aspirated max m3/h 350 362
Tank lt Longopac Longopac
Dimensions LxAxP cm 135x65x140 135x65x140
Weight Kg 155 160
Model Hypervak 777
Volume 2.1 m3
Size 160x80x155 cm
Weight 180 kg