Jet Stik Flaming Tool

Originally developed to flame the edges of thin granite building panels, the JET STIK now has many uses- restoring the rough non-slip surface on granite steps worn smooth by foot traffic, removing grafitti from stone, making birdbaths, creating waterfalls, carving sculptures, and small scale quarrying of granite.

The JET STIK, with its 5000 feet per second (1500 meters per second) velocity flame, is unsurpassed in giving you the control, speed, and versatility you need when surfacing, carving, and texturing stone.

Used for: carving, quarrying, texturing and cleaning dimensional stone and surfaces.

  • Water - 1 gallon per minute at 40 PSIG
  • Propane - 40 PSIG, 100 pound tank suggested
  • Oxygen - 70 PSIG