Say goodbye to manual scrubbing with M3

Powerful, lightweight and battery operated. The M3 makes light work of deep cleaning confined and hard to reach places. Achieving outstanding cleaning results on any surface

Motor Scrubber the portable cleaning machines that works on grout lines, stairs, showers, boats, pools, corners, and other hard to hit places

The idea that the MotorScrubber can reach hard to access places and reduces manual labour was what attracted Vasilyeva the most. Add to that the multi-purpose functionality of the product and she was determined to have a demonstration at her property. The Excel and MotorScrubber team visited One & Only Royal Mirage and demonstrated how the machine can work on the mosaic panelled washroom walls and floors and as a marble polishing machine.

"When I presented the proposal to buy the MotorScrubber machines to my General Manager, he was thrilled with its effects, quality cleaning and time saving properties. We now use several MotorScrubbers at One and Only Royal Mirage and One and Only Palace," says Vasilyeva. "We have also successfully tried to clean the deck floor and plastic furniture, spa and Hammam and even the kitchens in our regular cleaning activities with this machine."




Designed to deep clean and polish any area, achieving like new results

Marble- Perfect for restoring marble

Toilets - Clean around the base with ease

Glass - Perfect for polishing glass and stainless steel

Walls - Lightweight for accessing hard to reach areas

Tiles - Perfect for grout restoration




UNDER 2KG (3.3lbs)

Weighing under 2kg (4.0kg with the harness) it is extremely lightweight, designed for scrubbing walls up to 3 metre (9.8 feet) and hard to reach areas.