Material Lifter BD2-S - Comes with all 3 attachments pipe cradle, jib crane, and fork attachment

The compact design and 4 swivel casters make the BD2-S a favorite with contractors
throughout North America. This unique design allows the BD2-S to move laterally, as well as, back and forth making the positioning of loads simple and easy. The lightweight, compact design also makes the BD2-S easily transportable for 1 person to operate. The BD2-S also has an adjustable wheelbase for added stability on those tough jobs.

The BD Series offers multi-purpose lifters that come complete with a variety of accessories to handle any project or task. These material lifters are used by a variety of contractors, such as Home Builders, HVAC Installers, Plumbers, Renovators, Glass Installers, etc., anywhere lifting, supporting and positioning is needed for installation. 

The original BD2 is also available.