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Natural Touch Etch Remover & Polishing Compound for restoring shine and polish to damaged marble

Product Description: The Natural Touch Buffing compound is unique and restores shine and polishes on damaged marble.

Natural stone Etch marks, dull spots and "water rings" can ruin the look of your marble or travertine countertops and floors. Natural Touch restores the damaged area to a beautiful polish. Natural Touch also removes light scratching and wear patterns.

Etch marks are chemical burns caused by acid coming in contact with the stone surface and reacting with the calcium in the stone to create a dull spot, or etch. Common household acids such as lemon, soda, wine and cleaning chemicals can cause etching.

Can be applied by hand or with a low speed buffer and a white nylon pad.

Natural Touch is mildly acidic and must be rinsed away after use. We recommend 4 ounces of Deep Clean in 1 gallon of water as a rinse solution.

Limitations: Severely damaged areas my require professional restoration. May not be suitable for green & dark marbles. Always test in an inconspiuous area.

For more thorough directions, watch our "how-to" video.

8 oz bottle