Trimaco’s One Tuff® surface protector provides delicate surface protection for painting, staining and other home improvement jobs. The delicate fabric provides dependable protection against mud, water and spills .

It easily rolls out flat and can be used time and time again on both floors and delicate surfaces. Designed with an absorbent cloth top and a leak resistant PE film backing.

Need help finding the right surface protector for you job? Trimaco offers a wide range of surface protection products including drop cloths, red rosin paper and other heavy duty surface protectors. Use our product selector to help you get started!

  • Leak resistant to all types of paints + stains
  • Slip resistant
  • Durable + reusable floor protection for painting
  • Perfect for painting, plastering and staining
  • Drapable to protect furniture, railings + more

One Tuff® Floor Protector

90050 16 24″ x 50′ (0.61m x 15.24m)
90100 9 24″ x 100′ (0.61m x 30.48m)
90200 4 24″ x 200′ (0.61m x 60.96m)
94820 1 48″ x 200′ (1.22m x 60.96m)

For temporary use only. Trimaco is not responsible for adhesion issues. Test prior to use. Consult with flooring and/or finish manufacturer to determine if this product is suitable to use prior to curing. Do not use where product cannot be firmly secured to surface. In no event will Trimaco’s aggregate liability exceed the amount paid for this product.