Stone Chisel by Omega Diamond

Portable electric stone chiseler, works on almost any stone type - including engineered stone! Capable of up to 3½ inch (8cm) thick laminated stone!


As we looked around for a well designed portable stone chiseler, all we could find were air powered or manual units. So we tested the best available to us; we found that they could not handle engineered stone, or even some common natural stone types! We also noted that they tended to throw chunks of stone at the operator and those nearby when used on very hard stone. This was an unacceptable safety hazard! So we set our engineering team to work, and they gave us the PitBull™ Stone Chisel. But we like options, so we had them go back to the drawing board, and give us a stone shear capable of handling even thicker stone. Not only did they do that, they did one better, and gave us the only shear on the market capable of producing scalloped edges: the PitBull BigDog™ Stone Chiseler.

The PitBull BigDog™ Hydraulic Stone Chisel has a five+ ton rated hydraulic piston providing more than enough power to shear through the hardest of stones. We have tested it on several types of engineered stone, volcanic stone, granite, even marble!*

With the PitBull BigDog™ Hydraulic Stone Chiseler's 3 inch wide teeth you can create a perfect edge by overlapping the bites, or you can turn the machine at an angle and create a ragged "mountainous" look. To help create those perfect straight edges, you can clamp a section of angle aluminum on the slab (perhaps with our powerful suction clamps,) and use the guide pins to keep the PitBull BigDog™ Stone Chiseler in perfect alignment for every bite.

With the modular jaw system we designed for the BigDog Stone Chiseler your options have really opened up: For softer stones, such as marble and limestone, use the Soft-Stone jaw. This jaw is capable of even handling harder stones, so it provides the perfect general-purpose jaw. Use the 1½ inch jaws for really tough stone, such as 4cm slate and 8cm Absolute Black. Use the Scalloping jaw to create a really unique look. Scalloped chiselled edges produced as easy as a straight edge! Use the Reverse Scallop jaw (known as the "arc" jaw,) to scallop the inside of sink holes. You can also use this jaw after the Scalloping jaw to create the Wavy edge!

Technical Specifications of Granite Chisel

  • Up to 5 TONS of pressure
  • Full range of 0.4 inch (0.9 cm) to 3.3 inch (8.5 cm) stone thicknesses, including laminated and man-made stone
  • Hand held
  • Inexpensive mining-grade carbide teeth
  • Quick-change jaws
  • 3 inches wide for faster job completion
  • Breaks all stone types
  • Weighs only 18 pounds
  • Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA!

Oil Requirement

As of July 2022, we will begin to ship the Pitbull machines without oil. Please refer to information below to obtain locally

Capacity 1.8 Gallons (7 Liters) 

50:50 Mix, Hydraulic Oil and Diesel

General Purpose Non-Foaming Hydraulic Oil 

Napa Part Number: NHF 85401

Amazon Part Number: B083QNSNBY

O'Reilly Part Number: 74305

Walmart Part NumberL 57037719

Dilute with diesel to thin it out