The Weha Puma Diamond Polishing Pads are made for Granite, Quartz, and Engineered Stone using the Weha exclusive Geometric Water Displacement Technology Pattern Design

This Geo Pattern design allows water to flow across and through the pad more efficiently, keeping the pad from hydroplaning and allowing it to "bite" into the stone. This means the pad achieves a polish faster than conventional brick pattern polishing pads.

The Geo Pattern design also eliminates the segments coming off on the outer edges of the pad. Polish inside bowls, ogee edges, tight inside corners of rectangle sinks and you will not have to worry about the pad coming apart on the edges.

The Weha Puma Geo Pattern granite and quartz polishing pads are made to achieve a good polish, cut fast, give good life, and not break the bank.

The Puma will be a little stiffer than our Blitz 7 Step Diamond Polishing Pads or but they will loosen up and be more soft after breaking them in.

With the Geo Pattern face design, nice diamond concentration blend, and great final finish, the Weha Puma polishing pads will be one of the best granite and quartz diamond polishing pads in its price range.

4" diameter
3mm thick
Good polish
No outer segment loss due to tight radius and inside sink corner polishing