Q-Cut is the Ultimate Wet Blade for Quartzite/Granite Tile

Alpha® Q-Cut is designed for cutting quartzite, granite, marble and engineered stone. It is available in sizes to fit most tub and tile saws and the Alpha® Wet Stone Cutters. Alpha® Q-Cut is the first diamond blade developed specifically to cut quartzite and hard granites. Tile installers and tile shops will find that Alpha® Q-Cut will cut the most difficult natural stone tiles quickly and efficiently. The advanced style rim reduces the risk of chipping and breaking while providing accurate and safe cuts. The Alpha® Q-Cut is cost-effective, easy to use and its unique design will make the number one choice for tile contractors and shops.


  • Formulated To Cut Hard Tiles Such As Quartzite/Granite
  • Tile Installer's Choice for Stone Tile
  • Designed for Fast, Precision Chip-Free Cutting
  • Perfect for 2cm Porcelain Paver Tile
Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Type Arbor(s) For Use On
QZ4578 4-1/2" 1.6mm 13,200 Wet/Dry Use 7/8", 20mm Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
QZ0578 5" 1.6mm 12,200 Wet/Dry Use 7/8" Stone Cutter/Angle Grinder
QZ0658 6" 1.4mm 10,100 Wet Use 7/8", 5/8", ◊ Stone Cutter/Tile Saw
QZ0758 7" 1.6mm 8,400 Wet Use 5/8" Tile Saw
QZ0858 8" 1.6mm 7,400 Wet Use 5/8" Tile Saw
QZ1058 10" 2.0mm 5,900 Wet Use 5/8" Tile Saw