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Rhino Polishing Powder For Marble Restoration

Rhino Polishing Powder removes fine scratches. The marble polishing comound is made of the finest ingredients on the market and is proven for it's polishing power for light and dark marble. When using the polishing powder for marble, you will experience the fastest polishing results on floors, walls, tables and countertops. Ideal for Marble Limestone and Onyx.

Directions for Polishing Powder:

Sprinkle on hand full of Rhino Polishing Powder on every 30 square feet. Sprinkle water over the polishing pad and in oval motion mix the water with the powder. Place white or tan polishing pad under the machine -175rpm (80-140 lbs.) and start buffing.

Coverage: 1000-1500 square feet per 5 lbs container.

5 lbs/2.27 kg

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