PCD Grinding Wheels For Coatings Removal

The PCD grinding wheel is the greatest technological advancement in coatings removal that has occurred in recent history. PCD grinding wheels are not just like any other diamond grinding wheel you may have used previously. PCD grinding wheels, unlike traditional grinding cup wheels don't simply grind away material. PCD Grinding wheels remove stock material faster than traditional grinding wheels, cutting through epoxy, glue, mastics, and other coatings much quicker, without the excessive heat buildup or clogging (particularly when removing rubberized products).

The PCD grinding wheels don't grind, instead, they work quickly to shave away elastomer products. The advantage of PCD grinding wheels become quickly apparent after testing them against traditional diamond grinding wheels. Our selection of PCD grinding wheels work with 5/8"-11 thread attachments and feature a single row of segments.

If you have to remove any kind of elastomer coatings such as glue, kemper, waterproofing, mastic, paint, epoxy, or resin, a PCD cup grinding wheel is the way to go. PCD cup grinding wheels offer extended lifespans, fast performance, and the right tool for the job.

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