The single scissor lift & tilt table is designed to position containers within easy reach of assembly line workers and machine operators.

The unique design reduces fatigue by minimizing repetitive bending and stretching required to obtain components from containers. This scissor table comes with a high lip on the tilt side which makes it ideal for parts transfer and assembly. The selector pedal allows the operator to lift while tilting, or tilt then lift. The motor is totally enclosed standard with optional voltages available. Other standard features include: a two-button handheld control, integrated maintenance lock, pressure plated pump, pressure compensated flow valve, lowering valve, independent oil return, and an adjustable upward travel switch. Scissor table must be lagged to the floor. Three sided accordian skirt available, contact factory.

  • Ergonomic design minimizes bending and twisting
  • Welded steel construction provides long lasting rugged use
  • 40 Degrees tilt angle offers better ergonomics and operator comfort
  • Platform end lip safely supports containers when tilted
All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Single Scissor Lift & Tilt (Uni-Tilt)
Model PDF's Platform
size (WxL)
Of Tilt
UNI-2448-2 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 24"x48" 2,000 8" 40 External 606
UNI-3648-2 icon_approvaldrawings.jpgtilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 36"x48" 2,000 8" 40 Internal 640
UNI-4048-2 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 40"x48" 2,000 8" 40 Internal 696
UNI-4848-2 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 48"x48" 2,000 8" 40 Internal 735
UNI-5448-2 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 54"x48" 2,000 8" 40 Internal 885
UNI-2448-4 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 24"x48" 4,000 8" 40 External 631
UNI-3648-4 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 36"x48" 4,000 8" 40 Internal 665
UNI-4048-4 icon_approvaldrawings.jpgtilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 40"x48" 4,000 8" 40 Internal 723
UNI-4848-4 icon_approvaldrawings.jpgtilt_m4.jpg360_icon.jpgCompliance Certificate 48"x48" 4,000 8" 40 Internal 743
UNI-5448-4 icon_approvaldrawings.jpgtilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 54"x48" 4,000 8" 40 Internal 910
UNI-9648-4 icon_approvaldrawings.jpgtilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 96"x48" 4,000 8" 40 Internal 1296
UNI-4848-6 tilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 48"x48" 6,000 8" 40 Internal 763
UNI-5448-6 icon_approvaldrawings.jpgtilt_m4.jpgCompliance Certificate 54"x48" 6,000 8" 40 Internal 935

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