Sink Polishing Package: Complete Your Polishing Projects with Ease

  • Amigo MX1250 Mini Router with Makita 9565CV
    • Power: 12A/120V
    • Max. Rev. Speed: 2800-10500rpms
    • Weight: 20lbs
  • Z Drum Wheel
    • 5/8"-11 Bolt Attachment for routers
    • 2" tall
    • Coarse (#30/40) & Fine (#100/120) grits included
  • Oscillating Head
    • Innovative design for oscillating up and down randomly, achieving a smooth Z profile without lines or ripples
    • Available in 5/8"-11 threading
  • Oscillating Polishing Drum Wheels
    • Designed to work seamlessly with the Oscillating Head
    • Easy clip-on, clip-off mechanism for quick changes
    • Stay securely locked in place during use
    • Specially designed water holes for efficient water dispersion
    • Available in 400/800/1500/3000 grits

Experience the ultimate sink polishing convenience with our comprehensive package.