A slab storage rack is a unique way to hold stone items. With an upright design and wide foundational base, any movement or jostling of items is minimized.

Vertical storage racks help to maximize floor space and increase visibility of products. Additional wood foundation surface is used to guard against scuffs or abrasions that may occur. The steel frame includes a powdercoat finish for added baked in toughness. Hardware is included for assembly.

  • Design capacity supports heavy loads
  • Fork pockets enable quick transference between areas
  • Vertical frame secures items of a variety of sizes
  • Model STR-M-9764-4-CK1 includes casters for movement along smooth surfaces

All measurements are approximate. Slight variations, tolerances or changes may occur at any time. Weights shown are approximate shipping weights.
Slab Transport Rack
Model Image Uniform
Capacity (lbs)
Overall Size
Fork Pockets (WxH) Casters
8x2 GFN
Net Wt.
STR-S-9764-4 4,000 43-1/2"x97"x64" 8"x3" - 399
STR-M-9764-4-CK1 4,000 43-1/2"x97"x74" 8"x3" (2) Rigid
(2) SWB

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