SMITH FS351 Electric Self-Propelled Scarifier / Shaver with Depth Control System

All the benefits of the standard FS351, except with DCS!

The SMITH FS351 has an all-steel chassis, lockable depth-control settings, adaptable for diamond shaving, rotoplaning or carbide scarifying, vacuum pickup location to contain debris. Also features lower vibration and extended bearing life, new lifting carriage with height-adjustment lever, fewer moving parts, and more.

Best for diamond grinding, leveling concrete floors, barn grooving, cleaning surface marks, grooving trench control joints, removing concrete curls, asphalt high spots. Used by concrete professionals for large-scale flooring jobs that include diamond shaving, grooving and more.

Standard Features
  • Depth Control System
  • Vacuum port
  • Remote power shutoff
  • Ergonomic, vibration-dampening handlebar
  • Side-loading drums
  • Sealed bearings
  • Self-propelled
Power Options

FS351 E DCS (20 HP, 400V, 50 Hz, std. speed)

FS351 E DCS (20 HP, 480V, 60 Hz, std. speed)

FS351 G DCS (38 HP Kohler, std. speed)


FS351 E DCS (20 HP, 400V, 50 Hz, high speed)

FS351 E DCS (20 HP, 480V, 60 Hz, high speed)

FS351 P DCS (25 HP Kohler Propane, std. speed)

FS351 G DCS (38 HP Kohler, high speed)

Removal and Speed
  • ≤ 15" wide
  • 3/8" depth/pass
  • ≤ 1000 SF/hour
Cutter Choices
  • Carbide scrapers
  • Carbide milling cutters
  • 4N1 carbide strippers
  • Carbide flails
  • Steel flails (beams/stars)
  • Carbide planing picks
  • Diamond drums (with high-speed package)
  • Wire brush
  • PCD
  • Water kit
  • Height-control wheels
  • Line pointer
  • Outboard wheel assembly
  • Transport wheel
Size / Weight
Weight: 695 lbs (315.25 kg)
Dims: 48 x 26 x 44 in