SMITH SPS10 Gasoline-Powered All-Purpose Scarifier

The SMITH SPS10 is the industry's most popular all-purpose scarifier. Users say the SPS10 outperforms any other competitive model, and can outlast even the toughest operators.

It's available with many different cutters and accessories to tackle any type of surface-preparation and removal job on asphalt or concrete. You can rely on this easy-to-use, maintain, and operate scarifier/grinder.

Get the high-speed kit for diamond grooving and shaving.

Best for any and all surface-preparation, including groove inlay, removal on asphalt or concrete, sidewalk grinding, and more. Very versatile machine, capable of delivering a wide array of finishes.

Standard Features
  • Variable depth adjustment
  • Engage cam lever
  • Vacuum port
  • Remote power shutoff
  • Ergonomic, vibration-dampening handlebar
  • Side-loading drums
  • Serviceable bearings

Power Options

SPS10.H13 - 13 HP Honda gasoline engine

25N986 - 13 HP Honda gasoline engine with Depth Control System

SPS10.E7.230.1 - 7.5 HP Leeson electric motor (230V/1ph/60Hz/35A)

SPS10.E7.230.3 - 7.5 HP Leeson electric motor (230V/3ph/60Hz/18A)

SPS10.E7.380.3.50 - 7.5 HP Leeson electric motor (380V/3ph/60Hz/8A)

SPS10.E7.460.3 - 7.5 HP Leeson electric motor (460V/3ph/60Hz/9A)

Removal and Speed

  • ≤ 10" wide
  • 1/4" depth/pass
  • ≤ 700 SF/hour

Cutter Choices

  • Carbide scrapers
  • Carbide milling cutters
  • 4N1 carbide strippers
  • Carbide flails
  • Steel flails (beams/stars)
  • Carbide planing picks
  • Diamond drums (with high-speed kit)
  • Wire brush


  • Edger - get as close as 1.27" (3.23cm)
  • Water kit
  • Line pointer
  • Tach/hour meter
  • Front feathering wheel

Size / Weight

Weight: 250 lbs / 113.4kg

Dims: 38" L x 19" W x 44"