Trimaco’s SuperTuff™ Door Jamb Protector is the ideal solution for any jobsite, including building, construction, renovation and moving jobs. Designed with a durable construction board material, this door jamb protects existing door frames from gouges, nicks, dents and scratches.

Easy to install and remove, the heavy duty door jamb protector is a low-cost solution for protecting expensive trim. No tape or adhesive necessary, the door frame protector stays up on its own. Fits all standard door jambs, and can be used for both interior and exterior doors.

To use, simply pull apart the slit opening of the heavy duty construction board. Slip onto door frame that needs protecting, and continue working! The Door Jamb Protector will protect the frame from workers running into parts of the frame, cart and equipment dings, and even paint scratches.

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  • Reusable
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents gouges, nicks, dents and scratches
  • Fits all standard door jambs
  • Economical, durable protection

Door Jamb Protector

17960/36 Display Box 36 60″ (1.52m) fits 4-9″ (10.2m-22.9m) door opening
17960/50 Bulk 50 60″ (1.52m) fits 4-9″ (10.2m-22.9m) door opening