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Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear for gluing countertops

The Tenax Crystal Knifegrade Water Clear is a Tenax Epoxy. The marble adhesive works for filling cracks and putting seams together. Great for marble, granite, and other types of stone. The epoxy is a great as a granite countertop glue

1 Liter

Crystal knife is a high quality polyester mastic used to vertically or horizontally:

• Repair

• Rebuild

• Bond

• Fill

Crystal is very smooth in consistency, and will cure shiny, is very polishable and colors easily to match granite and other stones. It is perfectly suited for any application where the adhesive or seem/joint must be hidden. It cures fast and bonds extremely strong. Cures in lower temperatures. Not suitable for temperatures below 32°. Recommended for interior use. UV resistant.

Instructions for Use

Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry, clean and free of dust. If using color add before adding catalyst to match the desired hue and then add the catalyst. Mix glue and catalyst according to technical data below and stir thoroughly. Do not put the mixed glue back in the can.

Technical Specs

• Gel time in bulk at 77º: 10-15 min

• Tacky free time at 77º: approximately 120 min

• Working time at 77º: approximately 180 min

• Temp range for use after hardening: 32º to 230º

• Ratio of glue to hardener: 100/2-3% in weight

Customer Reviews

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John Koellner
Tenax Crystal Knife

Great product, good, professional customer service. Needed a product to secure glass balloons to a bronze sculpture from the 1960s. Product was easy to use and was perfect for the restoration.