Trimaco’s collection of sheeting poles and accessories create dust containment systems to help protect against all kinds of dust, dirt and debris.

The temporary system suppresses these unwanted particles to maintain a safe and clean work area. Trimaco’s E-Z Up poles create a temporary, portable dust partition for any size job with the help of the Trimaco E-Z Up Pole Bag.

The 100% durable polyester bag can carry up to 4 sheeting poles. Designed with a reinforced zipper, straps and a comfort grip handle, this pole bag makes transportation to the job site quick and easy. Trimaco’s E-Z Up Pole bag can store and carry all types dust containment poles (any height or weight), and any of Trimaco’s E-Z Up Accessories! WARNING.

  • Carries up to 4 dust barrier poles
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Portable dust containment system

Trimaco E-Z Up Pole Bag

54731 1 fits up to 4 poles