Atomized Mist: Compressed air and water are combined to create an “Atomized Mist”.

Evaporated Cooling: In dry and hot climates, the mist provides an evaporative cooling effect.

Misting and Air Movement: The mist is significantly amplified by the movement of air through the Air Mover.

Texas Pneumatic Air Misters are great for outdoor events. They are effective for cooling hotspots in outdoor construction areas, turnarounds, shutdowns and outages. Our Air Misters can help reduce heat exhaustion and heat stress. Due to the velocity of air moving through the air mover, the evaporative cooling effect can be felt a extended distances.

Our Air Misters have been used to cool machinery, help reduce heat and increase humidity during concrete curing processes, and reduce dusty environments by keeping moisture in the air.

Texas Pneumatic is the only manufacturer to offer these unique portable cooling devices. Units can be purchased with or without a portable stand, or they can be mounted to a permanent fixture.