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VMC 5X Extra Polishing Powder

Product Description:

For decades marble factories have used 5X bricks to achieve the high reflectivity finish that is seen on polished marble tiles and slabs. This powder is used as a final step in achieving that super high finish. Used with water and a Gorilla Pad one can get excellent results.

Special Features:

• Easy to use

• Rapid reaction time

• Utilizes the highest quality abrasives.

• Incorporates special buffering agents to reduce etching and increase efficiency.

• Removes fine scratches caused by wear from foot traffic and other adverse environmental conditions.

• Minimal accidental etching

• Yields high production rates

• Low fumes and odor

Where and When to Use:

Use on any marble other than green marble as a final polishing step or to re-polish areas affected by etching or mild abrasion. Can be used on floors, counter tops or walls.


1 lb.

5 lb.

10 lb.

25 lb.

50 lb.

250 lb.

500 lb.

Storage:Room Temperature

Directions for use:

1. Cover baseboards, carpet, etc. with protective plastic and/or protective tape.

2. Strip any topical finishes completely using VMC Pro Strip.

3. Clean grout with VMC Pro Klenz if needed.

4. Wet floor lightly.

5. Sprinkle 2 oz. of 5x onto tile surface in a circle.

6. Set a natural hair pad onto the 5X Powder.

7. Break area into 25 sq. ft. sections.

8. Buff with a 175 RPM, 150 lb. floor machine until a desired hone is achieved.

9. Squeegee slurry to adjacent area and repeat step 8, adding more water and 5X Powder as necessary.

10. Wet vacuum 5X slurry until most of the 5X Powder has been removed.

11. After polishing, using a NEW natural hair pad, neutralize and clean the floor by scrubbing with VMC 30 at 2oz. per gallon of water. Pick up cleaning solution with wet vacuum. Repeat if necessary.


• Dust mop as needed.

• Clean using VMC-30 weekly or as needed to keep floor clean.

• Re-polish using 5X Powder as needed.

Product Specifications:

Physical State: POWDER

Odor: NONE



Solubility in Water: PARTIAL Specific

Gravity: N/A


• Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

• Do not eat/drink/smoke while using this product.

• Wear protective clothing / eye protection.

First Aid:

• IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

• If on skin: wash with plenty of soap/water.

• If swallowed: call poison control center.


• 1 pound of 5X powder will cover approximately 350-400 sq. ft.

• Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for specific health hazard, first aid, and precautionary information.

5X Polishing Powder for marble and travertine

5X Marble Polishing Powder is used to polish marble, travertine, and terrazzo. The polishing powder can be used with countertops, but more oftern on floors. The polishing powder for marble is used as a final step in achieving the high reflectivity finish that is seen on polished marble tiles and slabs. Used with water and a buffing pad, one can get excellent results.

  • Rapid Results
  • Highest Quality Formulation
  • Removes Light Scratches & Etch Marks
  • Professional Grade
  • Contractor's Top Choice
  • Provides Mirror-Like Results

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