Ratchet Seam Setter & Leveler

Get a ratchet seam setter with leveler designed to be used on natural stone materials to even surfaces for bonding.

This seam setter is ratcheted and has a leveler. Fine adjustments can be made by means of a micro adjustment screw to create a perfectly tight and level seam.

Fabricators and installers can create an extremely strong bond to stone surfaces with the ratchet. The tool offers 2-8" heavy duty twist screw.

Easy to operate. Using the slidng height adjustments, place one height adjuster on each side of the seam. Screw down and apply pressure until the seam is perfectly level.

The vacuum pressure is strong enough to allow the adhesive to cure before it loses pressure. The ratcheted seam setter is suitable for gluing broken parts. It comes with a heavy duty blow mold carrying case.



  • Suction Plate: 8"
    Weight: 12.1 lbs