Slab Grab Jumbo Scissor Lifter with a 2,205 pound lifting capacity for stone, concrete, and monuments

Weha Slab Grab Jumbo R 1000 Scissor Lifter 2205 lb Capacity for Granite, Marble, Limestone, Concrete, and Monuments.
The Weha Scissor Lifter was built for moving thicker pieces of stone suck as granite and stone monuments, concrete blocks, or any other material that is between 10"-20" thick.
The Weha Monument Clamp has an autolock built in. Once the lifter has been pushed all the way closed it will lock for easy transport.
The Weha Slab Grab Jumbo R 1000 Scissor Lifter jaws and rubber grip pads have heavy duty rubber to grip tightly to the stone and not scratch or damage teh material being transported.
The Granite Clamp is completely galvanized for years of use indoors and outdoors.  Other Scissor Clamps by Weha include R1000, R400 Twin and more. 


  • Load Capacity: 2205 lbs
  • Height when Closed: 25"
  • Height When Open: 44"
  • Slab Thickness (Grip Width) 10"-20"
  • Weight: 93 lbs