Designed with a laminated with a high tech fiber coating, Trimaco’s White Top Construction Flooring Paper is great for any job type. Floor protection paper is ideal for temporary protection against paint, equipment, construction materials and foot traffic. It can be used on a variety of surfaces such as carpets, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, concrete, counter tops, brick and vinyl.

This heavy duty construction paper has superior moisture hold out and therefore avoids tears. Over 50% heavier than regularrosin paper. For best results, use brown on the top and white on the bottom.

For alternative temporary surface protection products, checkout Trimaco’s otherconstruction flooring paper productsandsurface protection film options.

  • Laminated with a high tech fiber coating
  • Over 50% heavier than regularrosin paper
  • Use brown side up
36144 63 rolls/pallet 36″ x 144′ (0.91m x 43.89m)

The contractor and/or installer shall determine the proper manner to install and use the product given the circumstances presented. In addition, if tape is used, ensure a clean surface and tape is secured firmly to floors. Consult with flooring manufacturer for recommended tape. Test before use.