Zenesis Resin Filled Cup Wheels ideal for grinding stone, removing slippage, or fiberglass

The Zenesis Cup Wheel features advanced design resin filled cup wheels. Resin cup wheels are increasingly gaining popularity as they are ideal for flat grinding on surfaces (even extreme lippage removal), edges and on the back of slabs before laminating. The resin between the segments creates significantly smoother cup wheel surfaces which results in less swirl and
scratch patterns. This greatly reduces the need to polish the work surface with pads after grinding and the smoother result also means that lamination lines become less obvious. Made from supreme quality metal, diamonds and resin, ZENESIS Resin Cup Wheels offer a greater efficiency and long product life. These cup wheels are precision balanced to lessen
vibration, further reducing swirl patterns, and the unique overlapping segment design significantly cuts down resin blow out. We offer our ZENESIS Resin Cup Wheels in coarse, medium, and fine grits, eliminating the need to use dangerous silicon carbide grinding stones. ZENESIS Resin Cup Wheels provide outstanding performance when used either wet or dry. Diamond Tool Store offers several types of cup grinder wheels for stone including Diaplus Resin Filled Cup Wheels.