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All About the Blue Ripper Rail Saw

All About the Blue Ripper Rail Saw

Why The Blue Ripper Rail Saw?

Do you find yourself constantly trying to cut time off a project? Jobs never seems to be completed quickly enough for your customers? What can you do?

Do you crack the whip on your employees? Are there tools out there that work faster? Or do you find some other ways to shave time off your work?

While you brainstorm ways to bring a project to completion in a shorter amount of time, we'll tell you about Omega Diamond's Blue Ripper Rail Saw.

What if we told you that this saw works faster, requires less set up and is just plain easy to use?

Keep reading and you will find out everything you need to know about the Blue Ripper Rail Saw and how it will benefit your business.

The Blue Ripper Rail Saw 

The Blue Ripper Rail Saw is one of the fastest and best portable rail saw available in the market. It features amazing accuracy and quality chip free cuts when paired with the Archon blade.

Achieve the results of a multi thousand dollar bridge saw with only a fraction of the cost. Take a look bellow at the diagram for some of the highlighted features you can expect when you make the switch to the blue ripper rail saw.

The Blue Ripper Rail Saw can cut through 4cm thick stone. The 3hp can cut 2cm "Absolute Black" granite up to the incredible speed of 10 ft. per MINUTE! This is incredibly fast for a portable rail saw that weighs only 68 lbs. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of material. The Blue Rail Ripper Saw is truly amazing. Experts consider this rail saw to be far superior than the competition in performance and ease of use.

So if your in the market for a rail saw, or even a bridge saw. The Blue Ripper Rail Saw is a saw to consider due to the ease of use and portability that it offers.   


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