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Power Meets Versatility HTC Duratiq 5

Power Meets Versatility HTC Duratiq 5

Designed with the professional user in mind, the Duratiq provides unmatched Versatility. With Detachable Weights and removable Chassis for ease in transportation, Every Detail about the Duratiq 5 is meant to make Grinding Surfaces more efficient and less time consuming. Ideal for a multitude of surfaces including Terrazzo, Granite, Concrete, Wood Parquet, Leveling compound or HTC Super floor. The duratiq floor machine is perfect for any flooring application. The Duratiq features a number of innovations that all interact to increase efficiency including the mist cooler system, which cools the diamond tools during grinding to improve life and performance. This feature increases the efficiency of your diamond tools. With osha regulations more stringent then ever, it is important to keep dust down and enhance the quality of air released by the industrial or commercial is imperative to keep the work place free of impurities and breathable for our workers. With this in mind HTC has included a hermetically sealed design to keep the grinding head completely dust tight. HTC has even gone the extra mile to include Three Strong freely positioned LED lamps to provide the work place with excellent lighting, which makes it perfect for those jobs that need to go into over time or need to be done on the graveyard shift. All of the small details really makes for a safe. efficient, and innovative grinding machine that sets a standard in the industry.


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