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Diamond Tools for Stone, Concrete, Construction, CNC, and More

Since diamonds are considered a super-hard material, it's no wonder they were integrated into common tools. Besides strength, diamonds have good wear resistance and a low friction coefficient. Grinders bonded with diamonds have a high grinding efficiency, and low grinding force. Virtually any tool bonded with diamonds is likely to have a much longer lifespan.

This begs the following question: who should a customer buy these important tools from? The answer is simple: Euro Asian Blades, also known as the Diamond Tool Store. Founded in 1994, the Diamond Tool Store has become a top distributor of floor restoration products, stone fabrication tools, concrete tools, construction tools and many other areas. Scott Choe, founder of Euro Asian Blades, served the stone industry for decades. He shifted his focus at the right time and became a pioneer of the diamond tool industry. In fact, the family-owned business is one of the first to introduce diamond polishing pads into the United States market. There are multiple factors in what makes the Diamond Tool Store an exceptional company, and what sets them apart from the rest. Being family owned means that ownership is heavily involved with the day-to-day activities. This can be anything from boosting employee morale, to personally assuring your products are delivered to the right place, at the right time. The Diamond Tool Store also is proud of the quality they use. All of their products (notably diamond tools) use top of the industry materials. While they carry the top brands, the Diamond Tool Store also continues to develop several products, giving them veteran knowledge and a distinct advantage in their market.

In the following, some of DTS's diamonds tools will be highlighted, showcasing why their selection is the one to choose.

Diamond Polishing Pads: With over 200+ options to choose from, the right polishing pad will certainly be available. Pads range in a variety of sizes, grits and quantities. The diamond polishing pads chosen by DTS each use high grade diamonds, quality resin and a trusted pattern design.

Diamond Grinding Tools: Options include grinding tools for stone and concrete including cup wheels, diamond segments, drum wheels, pads, sandpaper and more.  These tools can be used on large grinders designed for larger projects, and angle grinders for your smaller projects.  PCD and other aggressive diamond tools are made specifically for the removal of thinner coatings and concrete surface leveling.

Diamond Blades: Used in a variety of ways, DTS offers high quality blades ranging from porcelain/glass cutting to granite and reinforced concrete cutting.

Diamond Core Bits: Core bits available for wet and dry conditions. While the top brands are in inventory, upon request, specialty and custom bits can be created to the client's requirements.

CNC Tooling: Diamond bits are offered in an array of sizes. The Diamond Tool Store proudly offers their own diamond finger bits, while brands such as Dongsin and Weha USA are also in stock.

Whether you're in stone fabrication, floor restoration, a construction worker or a DIYer: the Diamond Tool Store has the products necessary to complete your project to your specifications. The Diamond Tool Store will continue to go above and beyond to meet expectations, and continues to offer the best service with a combination of knowledge and customer care.

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