Choosing the Right Saw

If you're shopping for a new saw, choosing the right one can be a daunting task, especially if you aren't familiar with the subject. Different types of saws are meant to serve different purposes. Some cut curves while others can only cut straight lines. Some saws can cut through metal, while others cut stone or concrete. So what kind of saw do you need? Here are some important factors you should consider.

Your project's needs will be a big influence on the saw you should buy. If your project requires curved or other irregular shapes, buying a saw that is specifically meant for straight cuts won't be helpful. Similarly, if you will be working in a tight space, you need a compact design meant for tight edges.

If you want to cut stone or concrete, buying a saw designed to cut wood will be a waste of money. Before you make a purchase, think about the materials you're using. For large stone blocks, consider the Masonry 750 Plus Saw. With an adjustable cutting height and durable build, the 750 is perfect for a variety of large-scale stone and cement projects. 

Project material and saw material go hand in hand. Some saws are made of brass, while others are made of steel. These materials respond to force differently. For instance, brass is more vulnerable to bending and cracking, making it better for lighter cutting tasks. On the other hand, steel is tougher, letting you handle heavy-duty projects.

The Saw Design

Some saws are hand-powered while others are powered by an electric motor. The right saw design for you will depend on the nature of your project. For instance, if you need a saw to perform a heavy-duty task in a situation where high precision is needed, a power saw will be a better option than a hand-held saw. You should also think about saw control. Some saws might produce more vibration than others, making cut accuracy difficult. For cutting stone, consider the Blue Ripper G2 Rail Saw. Designed to vibrate less, the powerful tool from Omega Diamond can cut through material up to 6cm thick. 

The Blade Quality

A saw is only as good as its blade. The quality of the blade determines how efficient a saw is. Although cheap blades are generally inferior in quality, their price alone cannot tell you the whole story. A good blade should be rust-resistant, durable, and meet your needs. If you're cutting marble, the Dia Plus Hydra Bridge Saw Blade may be perfect for you. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, saws are a specialized tool for each project. The good news is that if you are not sure of the appropriate type of saw to invest in, we at Diamond Tool Store can assist you. We offer a wide variety of top-quality saws, including rail saws, hand saws, bridge saws, and walk-behind saws. Contact us today if you need help picking the perfect tool for your project.